Navori QL Professional Ticker and Titling Designer - AP03

Create sophisticated ticker layouts and screen masks with live data and transparency support.

Includes the following features:
• Transparent background layer
• Text fields with typographic controls
• Current date field
• Current time field
• Geometric shapes (rectangle/circle)
• Content currently playing/Coming next fields
• Foreground image layers with transparency
• Individual live data fields

QL Ticker Designer lets end-users create stunning tickers and screen masks. There are no restrictions on the number of tickers you can display or screen locations you can use. Display a live news data ticker across the bottom of the screen with the time and date in another location. Tickers are graphical overlays that will always play above all programmed content, including QL templates.

QL Ticker Designer is a completely self-contained design module that is delivered within the QL Manager CMS interface. There is no software to install or maintain.