Navori QL Professional Trigger SDK - AP04

The QL Player – Trigger SDK lets users program their own content trigger application. These applications are installed on the Player PC to control content triggering and release based on external events. Trigger events can be launched automatically (no end user interaction required) or manually.

The QL Player – Trigger SDK can control the playback of…
• Any QL supported content already scheduled, such as: videos, images, web pages, streaming video, QL templates, data feeds and live broadcast TV.
• Any playlist and its content.
• A dynamic link pointing to a URL (web page or streaming video). For example, launching the playback of a streaming video showing an event or presentation.

What can be used as a trigger?
• An app running on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), or on a PC.
• Fire alarm or fire-suppression systems.
• GPS device.
• Sensors of any kind, such as: motion, environmental, RFID
• Office or home automation system.
• Panic alarm enabled by security personnel.
• Database (data value threshold) such as: financial applications that track stock values and index alerts, retail and QSR applications that monitor merchandise stocking levels and automatically swap products when advertised items sell out, tourism applications where alerts are triggered in case of emergencies or impending bad weather (for example, avalanche that triggers alerts in ski resorts and hotels).

The QL Player – Trigger SDK can be added to any player licence. Order Triggered Media add-on AP-04. QL Player Add-Ons The software development kit can be used with any Microsoft development tool such as: VB, C#, VC++ and is compatible with Windows PC Player hardware. A typical software developer can deliver a fully functional trigger application in a few hours. This development kit is delivered with all the necessary source code, documentation and application samples.

Navori Labs also offers custom software development services for customers who require it. Custom Software Development Services