Navori QL Professional TV Tuner Control Module - AP07

The TV Tuner Add-On is designed to work in conjunction with Hauppauge branded TV Tuner hardware and software applications. With this add-on installed and Hauppauge TV tuner functional, QL Player equipped Windows PCs can display any live TV channel including full HD, over-the-air broadcasts.

For this solution you will require the following components:
• A Hauppauge branded TV Tuner such as the HVR-955Q, HVR-850 or one of Hauppauge's many internal TV tuner hardware cards
• The Hauppauge WinTV software installed and configured
• TV signal source (cable TV or digital over-the-air signal using an external antennae)
• The Navori TV Tuner Add-On

Once the hardware and software has been installed and configured users must perform a channel scan. This information will be sent over to the QL Server so users can select available channels in QL Manager

Live TV can be displayed on QL Player Windows in full-screen or in a template zone with other content