Navori QL Professional GPS Trigger Module - AP08

The GPS Trigger Add-On is designed for mobile digital signage applications. Its primary function is to allow a user to create and manage a series of automated announcements that are played out when a bus or other vehicle approaches a predefined waypoint such as a bus stop or other geographic location.

The GPS Trigger add-on is also useful for taxi cabs or other types of mobile applications that require location awareness to trigger content. Triggered content can be an audio file or an image.

Each vehicle must be equipped with:
• A mobile PC with a GPS tracker
• A copy of Navori QL Player that has the GPS Trigger add-on enabled

The GPS Trigger Add-On is designed to work with compatible GPS receiver hardware. Please contact your local Navori office for a complete list.

Once all of the technical requirements have been met, the system will operate as follows:
• The system will start tracking the location of the vehicle along its route
• A preprogrammed media file will be triggered each time the vehicle approaches a designated waypoint. In most cases, this will be an audio file that will announce an upcoming bus stop but it can also trigger image if the vehicle is equipped with flat panel display screens
• For the system to operate properly, users must set a range or "action area" for each waypoint in Navori QL Manager. This ensures the content will be triggered before the vehicle arrives at the designated location