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The Second Generation of digital signage has arrived.

Advanced features include:
Basic to Enterprise Level Options
PC, Mac, Linux Admin
Easy to Use Interface
User Rights Control
Multi-Level Scheduling
High Performance Player
Screen Zoning

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Navori Stix 3500

Navori QL STiX 3700

Solid State High Performance Micro Media Player

Stix 3500 is the ultimate 4K DS player device designed exclusively for QL Player. It's simply the most powerful digital signage media player available on the market. It supports native 4K resolution, renders content with an unprecedented quality and smoothness.
This tiny device is an engineering marvel. Don’t let its compact size fool you. Inside the STIX 3700 is a powerful engine ready to drive your digital signage to new heights. It delivers dazzling 4K video resolution, ensuring your content is presented in crisp, vibrant detail that truly engages your audience.
With robust computing capabilities and support for multiple content formats, the STIX 3700 can handle even the most demanding digital signage tasks with ease. Its state-of-the-art architecture provides smooth, glitch-free performance, keeping your content flowing seamlessly.
The Stix 3700 digital signage media player provides QL digital signage software users with three main benefits:
Professional-grade 4K, digital signage player  featuring sophisticated template rendering and flawless media transitions across all your screens.
A fully Plug and Play experience for any type of screen. Total support for every screen size and orientation with easy maintenance.
A 3-year warranty.

Powered by Navori QL Player Software

The Android device was designed to run efficiently with the Navori QL player software.
The new player can run beside the Windows players and supports ten video formats up to 4K, images, flash, html, streaming and IPTV.
The Navori multi-layer and multi-zone templates are supported along with RSS XML feeds.
The Android device maintains Navori’s real-time monitoring with alerts, events and notifications through either the manager dashboard or email and continues to provide detailed playback reporting.

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Hardware Specifications

Processor Quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 and Dual-core ARM Cortex-A53
Operating System Google Android 9
Graphics Mali G52MP6
Internal Storage 16GB (11GB Available for content storage)
External Storage  Micro SD Slot hosting card of up to 128 GB
LAN Ethernet RJ45 – Gigabit
WiFi 5G and 2.4G dual channel
Accessories HDMI cable, USB power cable, USB Adaptor (Micro USB to USB female)

Navori STiX 3500 Navori STiX 3500 Navori Interface Navori Interface