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Navori GPS

Navori QL GPS Trigger for Transportation

A Digital Signage platform that keeps track!

The Navori QL GPS plugin is a leap forward in automotive signage.

Public transportation passengers are a classic example of what "marketing communication" terminology is described as a "captive audience".

Traditionally, public information, as well as product promotions, are broadcasted in a simple loop. The more that signage content is dynamic, the higher the audience catch rate.

Relevant content, location based with live data feeds does the trick.

Navori QL is the platform of choice for any Automotive Digital Signage project because of its flexibility, ease of technical integration, coupled with the additional benefit of scoring the lowest OPEX (operational costs) ratio in the market.

Navori QL Player is capable of triggering specific content based on a real time system read-out of GPS data. Hence the vehicle's location is known by the player.

This GPS data triggers content that is real time location based, such as the announcement of the next bus stop plus public or tourist information. Even promotions related to local business can be included.

Real time information such as the latest news feeds or local weather information can be included, all in full HD broadcast TV quality.

GPS Trigger is a plug-in for Navori QL Player that retrieves the content and data feeds as following:
Upon arrival of the bus or train at the terminal, media content and data are uploaded to the player by 'WiFi-docking' – connecting to a unique and secure IP address to update the player.
When out of reach of the docking signal the player switches to a 3G or GPRS connection.
If the update of players is incomplete at departure time of the vehicle, the 3G connection takes over at WiFi signal loss and completes the upload and also starts reading in all live data feeds such as news ticker RSS data, weather applets etc. until the next secure WiFi docking site takes over.
This secures and balances the communication load and costs.

This architecture has the enormous advantage of drastically cutting down the communications costs.

The average data consumption for network management (household data such as reporting and media statistics only – media upload and real time data volumes not included) based on a 24/7 calculation measured 100 Mbit/month or less only, whereas any other comparable machine-to-machine deployment architecture eats between 1 to a dazzling 3 GB per month.

Along with the other distinctive operational differences, the economic advantage of deploying Navori QL in automotive deployments is clear: more than 50% gain on operational costs compared to any other Digital Signage solution in the market.

The Navori QL Player also communicates in real-time with the GPS module inside the player hardware unit. Typically industrial grade automotive certified PC players are used.

This data is monitored by the GPS Trigger and based on certain threshold values, such as geographical zone information, content is triggered relevant to the position of the vehicle. This content typically is audio and visual communication of 'next stop'- 'current stop' – trajectory information etc.
This information can be complemented with travel time delay, roadblock, deviation and other real time data through WiFi (docking) or 3G secure connections.

All different transportation trajectories are managed this way, even if they are random as in the case of a taxi or limousine service.

Since the application synchronises with Google Maps, the trajectory and impact resolution can be defined at Navori QL Manager level in a concise and easy to use interface.

Navori QL Video Overviews

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PDF Download Download Navori QL Manager Brochure

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Navori Trial

Navori markets its software in two ways: Self hosted licenses that you purchase and own or software-as-a-service (SAAS).

Navori provides a 10 day trial using their SAAS service. Fully experience the Navori software with a minimal amount of installation and configuration.

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Should you require a self-hosted trial version to test Navori QL Server on your own equipment, or require further information, please contact us on 1300 780 204 or through our enquiry form.