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Digital Signage Software

The Second Generation of digital signage has arrived.

Advanced features include:
Basic to Enterprise Level Options
PC, Mac, Linux Admin
Easy to Use Interface
User Rights Control
Multi-Level Scheduling
High Performance Player
Screen Zoning

Digital Signage Success starts here.

Command Digital Signage


Command has a variety of solutions using Digital Signage.

Digital Signage provides dynamic solutions suitable for many industries.

The use of large displays, computers and networking has revolutionised the way we can communicate with customers and staff.

There are no limits to what digital signage can provide for any business, government sector or industry.

For further details select on one of the following services provided by Command.

Digital Signage

Command's Digital Signage solutions include items such as the Navori digital signage software or complete end-to-end solution including software, hardware, screen and all accessories.
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Corporate Communications

It's important for a company to distribute the right message to its internal and external contacts such as employees, share holders, clients, visitors, partners and other parties which are key to the effective running of a corporation.
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Internal Communications

Communication with employees is an important process and with the large amount of information being distributed by emails, intranets and other methods, digital signage allows management to reaffirm messages such as - branding, identity, responsibilities and provide consistent information to staff without email in production and manufacturing plants.
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Our interactive solutions include large size LCD displays, kiosks and interactive foils and interactive tables.
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On-Glass Projection

On-Glass Projection is a winner when you want to WOW someone. The film is available in single sided double sided and transparent options.
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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards provide users with a quick and effective way of updating prices when required. A digital menu board can also include promotions and advertising displays..
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