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Advanced features include:
Basic to Enterprise Level Options
PC, Mac, Linux Admin
Easy to Use Interface
User Rights Control
Multi-Level Scheduling
High Performance Player
Screen Zoning

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RoomManager User Interface

Command RoomManager

RoomManager is an easy-to-use conference and meeting room management and LCD display system

Say goodbye to the old letter boards and pieces of paper at the front of the room, RoomManager will display client information in your foyer or at the entry to the conference or meeting room all easily managed through one easy-to-use application.

A user can enter client data and logos, room information such as the time of the event and the automated template system will generate the screen displays for you.

International symbols are used for Wayfinding information and is automated on the foyer screens with directional arrows assisting client to find their way to the correct room in a timely manner.

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Room Entry Display ExampleRoomManager Features

Template Based Display Information

Easy to use interface

Display Client information and logos

Display Room names and Floor Levels

Easily configured for Corporate Colours

Floor levels and times are all available for display on the LCD screens

Tabbed administration areas for Room/Client Management

Welcome Management

Weather and Banner Management

Tabbed administration areas for Room/Client Management, Welcome Management, Weather and Banner Management

Display options include:
Meeting Room Display
Foyer Display
Room TV Display
Room Summary Information
Real Time Clock and Date
Foyer Information Signs
Restaurant Advertising
News Tickers
Weather Information
Emergency Alert
Resort Event Information

RoomManager Benefits

Enter information on a weekly basis to save time

Easy to update when changes are required

Single or multiple location administration for managed updates

Enter the client information once and the template system will display on foyer and room entry displays automatically saving the user having to enter data twice

Recurring entries will save the user having to enter the data every week or every day.

RoomManager Options

RoomManager Administration Software

RoomPlayer Software

Navori Digital Signage System Integration

Administration Computer

Foyer Computers

Room Entry Computers - single, dual and quad display output

32", 40", 42", 46", 50", 57" Foyer LCD Displays

17", 19", 22", 24", 32" Room Entry LCD Displays

Screen Surrounds designed and built to your requirements

Full installation, training and support options

RoomManager Customers






Park Royal

Parliament of Victoria


Albury Commercial Club

RoomManager User Interface RoomManager - University of Western Sydney RoomManager - InterContinental RoomManager - InterContinental RoomManager - Parliament of Victoria RoomManager - RACV RoomManager - RACV RoomManager - Radisson RoomManager - Radisson RoomManager - Radisson RoomManager - Sebel RoomManager - Sebel RoomManager - Sebel RoomManager - Sebel RoomManager - Sebel RoomManager - Wesley RoomManager - Albury RoomManager - Albury RoomManager - Crowne Hunter Valley RoomManager - Crowne Parramatta RoomManager - Crowne Parramatta RoomManager - Crowne Parramatta